emulation layer

TinyLIB is an emulation layer to make all platforms look the same. It is very small and meant for game development. TinyLIB provides a subset of GLUT/OpenGL, OpenAL, BSD sockets, and the C standard library.

Almost any platform has graphics, audio, and networking libraries. The problem is, they often have different interfaces. Windows has DirectX. Mac has Open Transport for networking. I much prefer POSIX platforms with OpenGL, OpenAL, and BSD sockets. I wanted all platforms to look like that. I also wanted to use standard interfaces. Why invent a new interface? By using standard APIs you don't waste time learning a new API, the APIs are well documented, and plenty of example code exists. TinyLIB is minimal and gives you just enough foundation to port other libraries on top of it.

I've ported many of the glut examples, the python interpreter, zlib, libpng, glpng, and PLIB to TinyLIB for use on my project which you can download. If you are a licensed PS2 developer and interested in TinyLIB, let me know.


This library is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) which can be found in the file "COPYING".


* OpenGL(R) is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc. 
If you have any questions, suggestions, or feel like helping out, write to dpm@efn.org
last update: June 8, 2001